Questions Frequently Asked About
Big D Wave®

Big D Wave® is a proprietary protocol based on ESWT, or extracorporeal shockwave therapy, a procedure developed in Europe that uses sound waves to treat various conditions, including erectile dysfunction.

In the Big D Wave® procedure a technician uses a hand-held device to deliver high frequency, low intensity sound waves to all parts of the penis. The sound waves break up plaque in the blood vessels and improve the flow of blood. They also stimulate the release of growth factors and activate dormant stem cells to create new blood vessels. Learn more.

Increased blood flow to the penis results in strong sustainable erections, heightened sensation, more intense orgasms, and overall improved sexual performance. The growth of new blood vessels has also been shown to increase the girth of the penis. And Big D Wave therapy has been used successfully to treat Peyronie’s Disease, a painful curvature of the penis caused by scar tissue. Learn more.

Absolutely. Men of all ages who have seen a decline in their sexual performance have revitalized their sex lives with Big D Wave treatments.

No. Big D Wave® is totally noninvasive, surgery-free and pain-free. Some patients may notice a slight tingling sensation, but this is not uncomfortable. Unlike similar procedures, Big D Wave® delivers a soft shot pulse, making the treatment gentler yet just as effective.

Each Big D Wave® treatment takes about 20 minutes. Most men begin to experience results almost immediately. There’s no downtime after the therapy and normal daily activities can be resumed. You can have sex the same night.

Unlike drug treatments like Viagra or Cialis, no significant side effects to shockwave therapy have been documented.

Our protocol calls for 10 treatments, twice a week for 5 weeks. This can help the angiogenesis process to begin.

Yes. More than 40 studies have been conducted that attest to the success of sound wave therapy to boost sexual function. Learn more about them here.

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