How Big D Wave® Works

Big D Wave®: Harnessing the healing power of sound waves...

The Big D Wave® procedure uses noninvasive low-intensity sound waves, also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment (ESWT).

ESWT has been employed successfully in Europe for more than a decade, treating a variety of disorders including erectile dysfunction, heart disease, kidney stones, and orthopedic conditions.

Now, our proprietary Big D Wave® protocol brings the groundbreaking healing and regenerative properties of ESWT to those suffering from ED in the US, to revitalize their sex lives without requiring drugs, surgery or injections prior to having sex.

How the procedure works

During a 20-minute office visit supervised by a physician or nurse practitioner, the patient is brought to a private treatment room where a special gel is applied to the penis.

In a process called angiogenesis, a technician uses a shockwave device hand piece to direct an elecro-magnetically generated radial pulse to the entire organ. The procedure is safe, noninvasive and pain-free thanks to the "Soft Shot Technology" that's gentler but just as effective as other ESWT procedures.

The sound waves have multiple effects. They break up plaque in the blood vessels, unclogging them and improving the flow of blood to the penis.

They also stimulate the release of growth factors that result in the generation of new blood vessels and can increase penis girth. And they activate dormant stem cells, causing new cell growth and further enhancing blood flow.

Results are almost immediate...and lasting

After just one session patients can experience greater sensitivity and become more sexually responsive the same day. With the 5-session ED package, the full effects of the therapy are realized. And in as few as 10 sessions, you can enjoy benefits lasting up to two years or longer.

These include strong, firm, sustainable erections, heightened sensation in the penis, more intense orgasms, and overall enhanced sexual performance.

The treatment can also correct Peyronie's Disease, a painful curvature of the penis.

Ready to ramp up your sex life?

If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction due to lack of blood flow to the penis (vasculogenic ED), ED caused by diabetes, or a general decline in sexual can now turn it all around with Big D Wave® therapy. Without prescription drugs and their side effects. And without having to undergo surgery or other invasive procedures.

Reignite your sexual vitality, and rekindle your relationship, with the pain-free and affordable Big D Wave® breakthrough.