What is Big D Wave®

The Probing Minds and Proven Methods
Behind the Big D Wave® Breakthrough:

The Big D Wave® protocol was developed by a physician-led team of medical professionals with extensive clinical experience and success in treating conditions affecting sexual performance in both men and women.

Closely monitoring clinical trials coming out of Europe on the effectiveness of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESTW) in treating a number of conditions, including erectile dysfunction, they began to investigate how the procedure could best be adapted, improved and made available in the US.

Pain-free and noninvasive were primary goals

Convinced of the overall efficacy and safety of the therapy, the Big D Wave® team set out to select a device that delivers low-intensity sound waves to the penis without the discomfort competitive devices may cause.

The result is a hand-piece that matches our protocol's objective of providing greater coverage of the penis for optimal enhancement of sexual performance, while at the same time completely tolerable and noninvasive.

How it Works

Big D Wave® uses pulsed acoustical sound waves to unblock blood vessels in the penis and stimulate the growth of new ones.

Greater blood flow means strong, firm, sustainable erections, increased sensation and more intense and spontaneous orgasms.

Whether you suffer severe erectile dysfunction or regardless of age have seen a marginal decline in sexual performance, Big D Wave® may be the solution you're seeking.